Cool on my Skin

"Cool on my Skin" uses the healing sound of the classical guitar and transcendental poetry to balance chakras, create deep relaxation and a higher state of consciousness. This CD supports your intentions if you are in the process of clearing old thought patterns, emotional energy or behavior. It offers you support for emotional wellness through difficult experiences, helps you focus or just relax.

The intention in creating “Cool on my Skin” is to provide an opportunity for you to look at challenges from a different perspective. To help you create an “uplink” with your own soul and strengthen your connection to the source of your own healing power. Intentional use of sound can do this. The music and poetry will meet you where you are at and provide the support you need.

How Does Music and Poetry Support Spiritual Transformation?

  • The speed of the music will slow down your heartbeat and breathing bringing relaxation to boost your immune system.
  • The sound energy will quiet the mind by encouraging alpha and theta brain wave patterns. These brain wave patterns change your body and allow for energy healing.
  • The tonal structure of the music is chosen to assist in clearing and Chakra balancing.
  • Sharon and Cindy WaitesThe repetitive aspect of the poetry triggers a meditative state and offers a different perspective by the end of the poem.
  • Any time we relax we enter a higher state of consciousness and open a door to the soul’s perspective. This higher state of consciousness assists us to evolve and maintain a more peaceful state.
  • All healing intentions during the recording process were amplified by placing crystals around the recording area. This healing energy is captured in the recording and released every time you play the CD.

You can use Cool on My Skin to; help process and clear old emotional energy you no longer wish to hold on to.

It will assist you by amplifying and supporting your intentions if you are in the process of changing or clearing old patterns of thought or behavior.

Listening will provide emotional support through difficult experiences or just be a great way to just relax. Try using the CD to accompany your yoga practice.


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