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Sound Wellness products were created to help people deal with today's problems in an effective, though gentle manner. Born from a study sponsored by the Integrative Health Institute at Mout Royal University, Sound Wellness is at the forefront of programs to help manage stress.

Dealing with too much stress is probably the single biggest concern today! Between 80% and 90% of ALL doctor's visits in North America are for problems that have their origin in stress. And there are many things that contribute to our daily stress levels - the workload at the office, children and family, financial concerns, and so on.

This is where Sound Wellness can help. It is now known, and scientifically validated, that slowing down the body rhythms and quieting the mind strengthens the body's natural ability to heal. These programs, CDs, sound tools, and associated products work with you, and empower you to easily and gently connect with your inner strength, enabling you to effectively cope with stress, and to cast aside the negative.

Our products are of the highest quality. When searching out product to offer at our workshops, we were shocked by the volume of poorly made items that were available both on-line and in stores. Mostly imported, some of the tools were so poorly made that they could actually create the opposite effect of what the tool was designed to do! Our Tibetan bowls are hand selected by a Tibetan Bowl MAster. Our tuning forks surpass medical grade requirements. And our Crystal Bowls are recognized as the best available anywhere. In some cases, that may mean that they are more expensive than elsewhere. But the difference is clear.

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We welcome your questions, and your suggestions. You can reach us through any of the avenues on our contact page.

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