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Sound Healing Tools

In our Sound Wellness workshops, a number of the experiences involve singing bowls, tuning forks, song pods, tingshas, bells and the Chinese horizontal gong.

For those who strongly connect with any of the tools our programs, or for those who simply have an interest in them, we have them available both at our live workshops, and through our website to make it easier for you to continue using them.

Please Note: When listening to any of the sound tracks, it is best to listen with headphones. Computer speakers rarely give a good representation of the real sound.


Over the years we have used crystals in our workshops.

They help us hold energy in the room, they keep the room clear, and we frequently use them for grounding. Sound is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s not uncommon to have someone become quite ungrounded. The right crystals will bring them back.

With all stones and crystals, your intention governs the potential benefits more than “suggested” uses. When working with them, be aware that many of the crystals can act as amplifiers of your thoughts.

Note: Most of the crystals that we use in our workshops and all that we sell are cut and polished from the “massive” form of the mineral. Many of them do not naturally occur, or are rare to occur in crystalline form. The fact that they are shaped seems to have no detriment to their properties.

Tools for Mantra Support

Everything in the universe vibrates to a specific frequency or wavelength. Mantras vibrate at specific wavelengths. When you chant a mantra you tune your own frequencies with the frequencies of the mantra. That is, shifting your own frequencies. It is an energy you can feel enter your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Sound has always been a great complement to other modalities. The very nature of sound supports this.

And this is particularly true of Feng Shui. Here we include tools to support your Feng Shui practice, to aid in clearing, and to support your well-being.


Learn to use use sound as an integral part of creating your reality. With the knowledge of the right tools and how to use them, you are no longer at the mercy of the sounds around you.

Here, you'll find books that support your learning of Sound Therapy, as well as those that complement your study.

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