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Tibetan Singing Bowls - Chakra set


These Tibetan bowl Chakra sets are stunning.

In the past 10 years, we have only found 2 sets of old Master bowls that we would consider. One we purchased for ourselves for our own healing space and for use in our programs. The other is still in Nepal in the possession of our bowl master, where it will remain, as he is unwilling to sell it. We understand that, as we would never sell our set!



Then we found these. These are contemporary bowls, selected by the same bowl master who selected our chakra set. They are hand hammered using the 7 traditional metals, by a company that has been making bowls for 34 years.

It is intended to be configured in the Traditional Tibetan way, where F is the root, and B is the crown. However it also plays well in the North American system with C being the root, and B the crown.

Note that these bowls are available on special order. The set pictured here has been sold, but the sets are similar, and the quality of them is superb.

This is obviously a significant purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about them. Click here to contact us.

Listen to the Bowls:

F - Root Chakra
C - Sacral Chakra
G - Solar Plexus Chakra
D - Heart Chakra
A - Throat Chakra
E - Third Eye Chakra
B - Crown Chakra



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