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Tibetan singing bowls are metal bowls of varying sizes and compositions, that come from Tibet, Nepal, or India. Some of these bowls are called Temple bowls and have been used in many countries of the East and Far East.

When tapped with a wooden stick, or mallet, the bowls have a beautiful and distinctive ring that can last for a minute or more in some bowls. They are more commonly played by rubbing the stick around the rim of the bowl for a continuous “singing” sound.

All of our bowls come with a playing stick. When ordering, you can choose a new playing stick, or a stick that has been "broken in" by the participants of our live workshops.

Hand Crafted (old & new) Bowls

These old bowls, sometimes referred to as "Master Bowls" were all handmade. It is believed that each hammer stroke was accompanied by a prayer, or a mantra.

We suspect that they are several hundred years old, but we can't substantiate it. We do know that they are very old.

And the sound from these bows is amazing. They are full of overtones, and they seem to resonate forever!

Brass/Bronze Singing Bowls

These bowls are machined, not hand made, and are made in India or Nepal. They are typically made of brass or bronze, and have a lovely sound although the sound does lack the depth that you hear with the old hammered "master" bowls.

The painted bowls are done entirely by hand, without the use of stencils, or other aids. Many are true works of art, as the painting is exquisite!

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