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Zaphir Wind Chimes

Zaphir chimes, (the original Shanti wind chime), have rich harmonies of sound and colour which correspond with the natural frequencies of the seasons, elements, or chakras. Because of their synchronizing and relaxing effect, these chimes are popular in Feng Shui, relaxation, sound therapy, meditation, yoga, health clinics, spas, salons, stress therapy, as well as educational work with both adults and children.

Koshi Chimes
Perfectly tuned wind chimes enhance the sounds of nature and help create a flow of positive energy. On the other hand, wind chimes that are not in tune can create the opposite energy flow. Precision tuned wind chimes can help to counteract the negative energy flow caused by unnatural sound caused by traffic, machinery, loud music etc. We carry both the highly sought-after Zaphir (Shanti) and Koshi chimes.

Crystals are used to add new energy to a space and to redirect energy in a more beneficial direction. They possess healing qualities and harness the positive energy of nature, protecting you from chaotic and negative energy.

Our beautiful Swarovski crystals are the brightest and the best. In Feng Shui, red is the colour of power and 9 is the perfect number - the number of completion. We are sending you the energy of the crystal along with the added energy power of 9 - with 9 inches (or multiple) of string. Clear crystals have the added positive energy of red string.

Here we include tools and instruction for clearing - whether that’s your home, your sound tools, crystals, or anything else that may hold on to unwanted energies.

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